The Things Sensors

.Onboarding and Mainentance in the Cloud.

We develop sensors for the IoT that are wirelessly connected to our sensor network over long distances. Our monitoring system offers security and detects possible faults before they occur.

Our products are designed for industrial use. The software is available as an open source for testing. It can be operated on-premises or in the cloud..


see it as our task to offer solutions to better understand the world. The constant expansion of the radio infrastructure is one of our central concerns. OpenData for everyone is just as important to us as protecting your own sensor data. For this purpose, we build and operate receiving stations where they are needed or support the expansion of the company's own infrastructure.

Different companies need tailor-made solutions to remain efficient and continue to exist on the market. You won't find a "shop solution" with us. We don't develop because we can, but because it is needed. Therefore, our customer-oriented results are always the product of your requirements and our experience.
Artificial Intelligence is only profitable if sufficient training data is used and data is recorded in the ongoing process. Therefore, your entrepreneurial success depends not only on what you do with the result, but rather on it when to start measuring and recording. With our consulting services and the development of process models, hard- and software solutions, your company stays tuned using cutting-edge technologies.

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